7 inch TFT LCD module with 51 single-chip driver 800*480 resolution touch screen module



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With touch 7 inch TFT LCD screen module 51 single-chip drive resolution 800*480

51/AVR/STM32Any microcontroller can drive 8080 timing 16 bit bus interface, providing a test program (C language KEIL engineering code)

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This module uses SSD1963 driver program, anti jamming performance of SSD1963 (general is a commercial grade standard, not up to the industry standard), higher requirements for the power supply, the use of this scheme please pay special attention to the quality of your power, the data line is not suitable for too long, otherwise there is a risk. If you are a white screen used in general the product, and the supply of the good quality of the case can be selected using the SSD1963 program. If you are used in industrial products, high stability requirements, please use the industrial grade scheme we recommend for your module (click on the following link into the industrial program module page):

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