1pcs 3.12 inch 30PIN blue OLED screen SSD1322 Driver 256×64 256*64 oled display SPI / 8Bit Parallel Interface

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1pcs 3.12 inch 16PIN Yellow OLED screen SSD1322 Drive IC 256*64 SPI / 8Bit Parallel Interface

​Not including board

Product Information

Resolution: 256 × 64
Screen Size: 3.12inch
Color: Yellow
Driving IC: SSD1322
Display area: 76.78 (W) × 19.18 (H) mm
Screen size: 88 (W) × 27.8 (H) mm
Pixel size: 0.28 × 0.28mm
Bonding: COF
Pin: 30pin
Interface: 8-bit 68XX / 80XX parallel port, 4-wire SPI.


First, on with FPC / COF / TCP for OLED products needed in the design of some of the considerations when bending
1 Please note that the design of the FPC bending angle and bending space, do not fold the FPC die . FPC is easy to make too tight bending break , causing no display.
Follow the sections of the modular design of the reference specifications to design the label on the Drawing .
The following figure, and OLED glass edges ≥ 1.83mm, the bending angle was the natural bent.

Second, on with FPC / TCP welding of OLED products in some of the considerations
A recommended way of using the Hot-bar soldering yield to ensure
Standard pressure welding conditions: temperature 180-210deg time <10 sec
(2) Use electric soldering iron Instructions:
Before welding Panel checks. Visual inspection , Pin feet without breaking ;
Electrical inspection , testing, screen displays normal welding operation
In the PCB / FPC ‘s Pin feet evenly on the tin
With a hole on the right place, and fixed FPC / TCP, ensure the welding does not move when
Add flux, using soldering iron tip temperature , temperature 300-350deg.
Repeated soldering should not exceed three times, at the same point dwell time shall not exceed 3 sec, an interval of five minutes each repetition .
After welding inspection. Check Pin foot shift , poor welding , soldering residues, and make appropriate adjustments.
3 . Operation Note :
Using tip soldering iron tip soldering iron can not be used to prevent damage to FPC / TCP Pin directions .
Using heated iron , requiring soldering temperature is too low and will not stick to Pin feet.
Using flux can reduce Weld, or even welding cold welding
Because TCP / FPC ‘s Pin foot fracture can not be repaired , so when used not bend or pull Pin Pin .

Additional information



Model Number

3.12'' inch oled spi

Display Color


Dot Matrix


Driver IC



8-bit8080,8-bit6800,4-wire SPI

Wide range of operating temperature


Active Area




Country of Origin

Made in China


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